Saturday, March 16, 2013

Automatically downloading torrents with the Raspberry Pi

This is a script designed to intelligently and quickly find and download something as a torrent.
This is the second script in my AUI (Alternative User Interface) Series.

NOTE: This will work with any linux OS but I am using it on the Raspberry Pi.

This requires curl, libboost1.50-regex, and transmission. The setup script can install curl and boost regex. You will have to install transmission yourself.

I found myself getting frustrated with going to a torrent searching site and looking for a torrent and then downloading it. So I made this script to intelligently find the best torrent option. It doesn't require quotes and will format searches appropriately, even with spaces.

It uses regular expressions to find your download and starts it remotely in transmission.
I use transmission because then you can check the status of your download online.
I recommend this guide in order to set up transmission properly.

download movie title
will quickly find and download movie title.

download show title  s01e01
will quickly find and download show title season 1, episode 1.

download wheezy
will quickly find and download the Raspberry Pi Debian Wheezy OS.

To install, download the zip here and run the file located in the Install folder. It will ask you the download details in the script.
This will be your transmission username, password, port, and host.

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