Thursday, June 27, 2013

PiAUISuite Update

Quick update on everything that is going on!

I've been sick (still am but going to the doctors on Friday hopefully) so updates have been slow.

I just pushed out a bunch of stuff and finally voicecommand v3.0 is coming out officialy tomorrow night.

  • Add logging to /dev/shm/voice.log
  • Allow filler to be a set string that can be changed
  • Add push through mode with text so that voice isn't required for testing, -I flag (that is a capital i)
  • Remove quotes in Misc scripts
  • Switch flags to make more sense (now you follow them by a 0 or 1 to override config file options, ex: voicecommand -c0 overrides continuous to turn it off)
  • Add language support with !language==NN (NN is country code such as en_us or es or de, etc.)
  • Added Wolfram alpha API support. If you have an API you can set !api==YOUR-API
  • Better Youtube streaming (still working on making this even better but youtube is messing with me)
  • Added Hulu/Vimeo support and streaming
  • Removed need for tts-nofill
  • More advanced install scripts
  • Case insensitive commands and keywords
  • Passthrough support to output command instead of running it
  • Am going to finish the install instruction THIS WEEKEND!
  • Am going to make a GPIO example with a video hopefully this weekend
Features for 4.0 that are looking hopeful
  • Getting rid of duration and having voicecommand detect when you stop talking using sox (I've almost got this working as well as the current implementation)
  • A nodejs server that is a variant of RPiTV to control voicecommand, youtube, and my other scripts with a pretty HTML front end.
  • Smart phone control
  • Android advanced app to allow you to record voice on phone and send data
  • XBMC plugin (maybe, this is still a stretch goal).
  • emulationstation and video game support (need to figure out how to get this running from within X11)

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