Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Streaming Other HD Video Sites on the Raspberry PI

For those that are interested, this will allow you to stream internet shows like The Daily Show on your Raspberry Pi in HD with no lag.

A week or so ago I posted a hack which allowed people to stream youtube videos in the browser here. Unfortunately, this same method didn't work out of the box for some other video sites. They would stream a couple seconds then just end (I found this to happen with the daily show).

I now have a fix for that and have a script called youtube-safe, which can stream (high-quality with no lag on a decent internet connection) any video site that works with youtube-dl.

If you already have the Youtube scripts in my PiAUISuite installed, you can just update, otherwise you have to go through the install script and select which parts you want (this one being under youtube).

Install Instructions

sudo apt-get install git-core
git clone git://
cd PiAUISuite/Install/

**NOTE, this will ask you if you want to install a lot of different scripts because it is a SUITE. You only have to pick the ones you want to use. If you only want to use the youtube scripts, press n on any other question except for the dependencies and youtube.

Update Instructions 

cd PiAUISuite
git pull
cd Install
sudo ./

Once that is done, you can watch the daily show in 1080p like so:
youtube-safe ""

Even better, if you have voicecommand installed on your system, add the following line to the bottom of your config file for it to play the newest daily show with your voice:
~Daily Show==youtube-safe ""

I'll work on making a browser plugin for this as well.

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